Buttons that don't get read: Back/Previous Channel, Menu, Source, E, and Record. The OK button on my harmony is programmed to be the "select" command for the ShieldTV. save. The guide, menu, exit and back buttons on the harmony remote control the TV and not the cable box (TiVo). It is best known by its Color Smart display, programmable buttons, and its 8 remotes in one functionality. I've found a … After that it will work after a few hard presses. Let’s take a look at some of the potential issues and solutions: Harmony Remote buttons intermittently stop working. So I have two hubs and now both are giving me this same problem since I've switched the TV's out. It supports over 6,000 brands and over 225, 000 individual devices. Harmony 650/700 The Harmony 650/700 has two types of button contact technology; conductive carbon-tip and tactile button dome. I found that OK worked when I was in Devices mode on the remote and selected the Media Center, but not with the default Activities mode that the remote was in immediately after powering things on. You have your Harmony Hub and Remote all setup, but the Hub isn’t working with your Roku. hide. Carbon film that never wears out; No Paint or glue that would chip and flake off; Tested for over 1 million button presses with no sign of wear; International buyers note: Adding Deoxit cleaner significantly increases shipping cost because it is not flat. report. When I try to use it at first, I have to press it really hard multiple times before it works. The buttons on your Harmony 650 The Harmony 650’s buttons may have different functions or control different devices depending on which Activity you’re in. The bottom left device selection button on my Harmony 650 has stopped working properly. I ran into this issue recently with a Harmony 650 that had been migrated over from another Harmony model (not sure if that's significant). It may seem obvious, but an easy solution to this potential problem is changing the batteries. No biggie, my cable remote was able to be setup to control the TV volume, so I can use the cable remote to teach it. 15 comments. I have a Harmony 650 and my colored buttons work fine with my Joey and Hopper. One thing to try would be assigning a different command to the colored buttons (say, Volume Up or something that does not control the Hopper), then see if anything happens when you push them. This works fine everywhere, but once I open Amazon Prime or PS Vue the OK button completely stops working. It can control home theater equipment, and some can control home automation items like Nest products, lights and more. share. Do you know if the colored buttons actually work? First, the Harmony will not recognize anything from the Samsung remote. The buttons on your Harmony 650 Vo l 123 456 7 8 0 9 E OK Ch Help Exit Guide Menu Info abc def ghi jkl mno pqrs tuv wxyz clea r All off Watch TV a Mo vi e Listen to Music More Activities ente The buttons on the Harmony 650 may have different functions or control different devices depending on … Harmony hub - Guide button doesn't get cable guide anymore? Nope, not so easy! Since Harmony doesn’t allow you to transfer buttons from one device to another, I figured I’d just teach it. Buttons of the Harmony 650. Logitech Harmony 650 Logitech Harmony 665 Logitech Harmony 700. The Logitech Harmony remote is one of my favorite devices. Buttons that are read as duplicates: Guide and OK (button in center of D-pad). For more information, see Changing how buttons work in an Activity. Buttons that don't get read: Menu, Source, E, DVR and Record. The A button on the gaming remote and the select button on the media remote work just fine - it's just the harmony. Harmony Hub Not Working With Roku? All of the ‘squishy’ buttons on these models are the conductive-tip type, and the ‘clickable’ buttons, like the Vol/Chan toggles are tactile button domes. The Logitech Harmony 650 was released in 2009 and generally sells for about $70.